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An RPG Game with a story about magical girls, elves, and a witch sorceress.



We have been making VR games for 3 years now. When we finished our last project the question came up. What if, we could bring what we love most about fantasy anime to a full interactive VR experience. And that is exactly what Iragon is about.

We didn't want to do just a story that you can watch,or just a battle system. We want everything: A story, To participate in the battles, To fly through skies using a grappling hook, To explore an anime world, choices, and to do whatever you feel like.


You play the game as Darick, a poor kid from a small village. Everything for him changes when he meets Brianna, a sorceress who is being hunted by the empire. To help her, you must learn to use magic, but the only way to really protect her is to accompany her on a journey into a dangerous frozen world. Along the way, you will battle armies, witches, and demons while you unlock new adventures.

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Be the hero, live the story and go on an adventure of a lifetime while you immerse yourself fully in the world of Iragon.