Adventure Anime Game – Iragon Update 0.94.08

New Build!

New Scene

In the Experimental Hall, you’ll find a portal to a new scene. In it you’ll see Darick, Brianna and Lexi as they finally enter Swordbreak.

MAC Builds

Here is some big news for some of you. We’ll start releasing MAC builds semi regularly from now on! We’ll try to have a new build up every Friday, but due to the more complicated build process for MAC, that might extend into Monday. You’ll be able to find these builds in the #downloads channel in our Discord and on Steam under Iragon: Prologue 18+. Just make sure you tell your store preferences that you want to see mature content, so that it shows up.

Good Holiday Season Games?

With the holiday season approaching and the storefronts full of Christmas decorations, what games do you feel like playing? Are there any games that you find yourself revisiting around this time of the year?

Play the new chapter here:

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