Anime Dragon Girl – Iragon Update 0.83

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 – Changelog for Beta v.0.83 from 06.24.22 –

Welcome back to another Iragon changelog. This week we’ve worked on the Dragon Girl enemy. Though mostly a melee fighter, she can pose a danger from a distance if you let your guard down. You can fight her in the Experimental Hall in the Dragon Minion Enemy room.

Also in the Experimental Hall, you can see the model we’re working on for the demon form of the final boss. Right next to him you’ll find Darick’s endgame armor, which will have exclusive variants for our Kickstarter and IndieGoGo backers.

The last new thing in the Experimental Hall is only for the uncensored version. Found in the Destructible Clothing room are the damage stages for the Dragon Girl.

We mentioned last week that we’re rolling out new destructibles. We now have them throughout the entire game, up until the Guildhall. You’ll stumble upon them by just playing through the levels.

In other news, we’ve changed the names of Iragon and Iragon: Prologue to Iragon 18+ and Iragon: Prologue 18+ respectively. This is so we can have both a censored and uncensored version of the game available.

We’ll also be taking part in Steam Summer Sale 2022, and the Steam VR Fest, which will take place from July 18th to the 25th. During both, we’ll be offering a 30% discount for our previous game, Experiment Gone Rogue.

Play the new chapter here:

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