Anime Dating Sim – Iragon Update 0.95.12

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– Changelog for Beta v.0.95.12 from 03.02.23 –

Welcome back to another Iragon changelog. A new week calls for a new scene. Lexi, Brianna, and Darick had a long and tiring fight with the voiceless leader. At the end of the fight, Lexi finds out the truth about what Brianna has been doing and that rubs her the wrong way. For now, I won’t reveal more and I hope you guys stick around to find out what happens next. This scene is testable in the Experimental Hall in both TP and VR, through the portal “Lexi Boss Defeat Scene”

We’ve also made a variation of a brand new enemy, the demon girl. You can find her in the Experimental Hall in the “Demon Girl” room.

Play the new chapter here:

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