Anime Empress – Iragon Update 0.82

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 – Changelog for Beta v.0.82 from 06.17.22 –

Welcome back to another Iragon changelog. We’ve got some exciting news this week. Both the Elf Girl and Thick Girl bosses have damage stages to their clothing. You can find them in the Destructible Clothing room in the Experimental Hall.

Speaking of elves, we’ve been iterating on the Dark Elf enemy. You can fight her in the Dark Elf Girl Enemy room.

Before we leave the Experimental Hall, there’s one last thing to see there. Brianna’s new empress outfit is finished and fully textured. You can see it in the WIP Models and Animations room.

Another new feature you may notice as you play through the levels are many new destructibles.

We are currently rolling them out, so there will be more in the future.

Finally, we’ve added the option to opt-out of sending us game data. You can find it on the language select screen before the main menu.

Play the new chapter here:

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