Anime games online – Demon Girl (Changelog v0.59)

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Happy New Year from Repulse! We hope you had a great time during the holiday season and have an even greater 2022! We are back with another changelog for Iragon and even though there aren’t a lot of new changes and additions this week, we are excited to be entering 2022 with big plans for Iragon. Make sure you stay tuned! 

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Hello everyone, Iragon BETA v. 0.59 is live now along with the changelog for this build.

 – Changelog for Beta v0.59 from 01.07.22

If you remember our lovely demon girl, you’ll be happy to see that she now has interactive hair physics. So, apart from pulling her tail you can now also play with her hair. 

Also, it seems like people weren’t really crazy about Erika’s new lingerie outfits, that’s why we made some adjustments to them. You’ll see them in the “WIP Models” room. Make sure to exit the Experimental hall after you’ve checked everything out so that you get to vote for your favorite stuff. 

Next, in the test level from the previous build that leads up to the “Widow’s den” we decided to nerf the enemies’ health a little bit because we felt like they are a bit too OP for such a narrow built level. 

And last but not least, we made a few fixes to the teleportation locomotion in VR like being able to teleport during an NPC interaction and others.

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