Anime game Iragon – Skirt Physics (Changelog v0.48)

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Hello everyone, Iragon BETA v. 0.48 is live now along with the changelog for this build.

 – Changelog for Beta v0.48 from 10.15.21

We have another weekly Iragon changelog for you and this week even though it’s going to be a bit short, we have some exciting combat reworks. 

In the Experimental Hall, in the room between the portals, you will be able to test the new melee combat system rework for 3rd person. A new addition is the heavy attack on the sword, which you activate by holding down the attack button. However, please keep in mind that this rework is still a work in progress, so we want to know all of your thoughts on it, how it feels, etc. so that we can improve on it. 

Another interesting thing is that we managed to significantly improve the skirt physics for the girls that wear them. As you know in VR, the outfits for the girls that have skirts are interactive, and we’ve been struggling to make the cloth move nicely and realistically. But now we are trying something new that seems to give the best results so far, so please test that and let us know what you think in the questions after you exit the Experimental Hall.  

Grabbing things in VR has been slightly improved. You can grab items from a bit further away and the grabbing itself should be a lot more accurate. This is testable again in the Experimental Hall. 

What is more, we made some slight changes to the Sewers level, more specifically the skinny bridges in the second part of the level. To make it more interesting and less linear, we made the bridges wider, broke them apart and overall added more combat space there. 

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