Anime video game Iragon brings you new outfits (Changelog v0.50)

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Hello everyone, Iragon BETA v. 0.50 is live now along with the changelog for this build.

 – Changelog for Beta v0.50 from 10.29.21

Back with another weekly changelog for Iragon. Continuing with the melee combat improvements, this week we added a blocking option for 3rd person. It’s still in a very early stage and a work in progress but we will keep on improving it. 

In the Misty Forest level which is still in grey box and has no art, you can see a new type of scene – the transition scene that will quickly showcase the level ahead of you and the path you’re going to take. 

We updated our main menu, the chapters menu and soon all of the user interface with a new design. 

And last but not least, in the Experimental Hall “work in progress models” room, we added outfit color variations for the new villager girls – the ones with the long ginger hair.

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