Merry Christmas. Here’s to many more anime VR games (Changelog v0.58)

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Happy holidays! We are excited to greet you with the last Iragon changelog for this year. It’s been a year full of celebration, mishaps, both happy and sad moments but most of all – important lessons. We are grateful to each and every one of you, whether you found us this year, or have been following us from before – without you our journey wouldn’t have been the same. We wish you all wonderful holidays, stay well and stay healthy! We will be back in the first week of January. 

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Hello everyone, Iragon BETA v. 0.58 is live now along with the changelog for this build.

 – Changelog for Beta v0.58 from 12.23.21

For the new additions in this build – We added a “teleportation movement” option in the VR “Options” menu. That means that if you prefer that way of moving in VR, you can now select it as your default. 

Next in the Experimental Hall’s “WIP Models” room, you will find two new sexy lingerie outfits for our girl Erika. You will also be able to vote for which one you liked the most, after you exit the Experimental Hall. Apart from that, the demon girl that you might have already seen is now interactive. If you walk up to her you will be able to interact with her boobs and tail, both in VR and 3rd person. 

We have also done a ton of bugs, gameplay, art and sound fixes so hopefully the game should be running and looking a lot better. Have fun playing Iragon over the holidays and we will see you very soon!

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