Sexy Anime Elves – Iragon Update 0.70

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Hello everyone, Iragon BETA v. 0.70 is live now along with the changelog for this build.

 – Changelog for Beta v0.70 from 03.25.22

For this week’s changelog for Iragon, we are happy to share that we added a variation of our dark female elf that’s based on our users’ feedback from Discord and from the questions players get to vote on at the end of the game. We had asked people what they think about the female elf and everyone gave us amazing feedback. If you also want to be able to give us direct feedback, feel free to join our Discord server. As always, you can find the new face and outfit variations in the Experimental Hall. 

In the camp girl gallery, where you can look back at cutscenes with Brenda, you can now also scroll through the different damaged stages of her outfits. Also, the trigger to interact with her is now a button prompt instead of automatic walk-in interaction, and we have added another unlockable scene with her. 

In the Monster girl gallery, when you choose an outfit for whichever monster girl you interacted with, the outfit will be saved and she will wear it in the sex scene you have with her. 

Last but not least, in the Experimental hall, we added more outfit damaged stages for Jenna and April.

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