Fantasy Anime Game – Iragon Update 0.95.24

Hello again traveler, you have once more stumbled upon cutscenes that are work in progress. Fear not, for next week we will release one of them fully finished and the other one the week after. Both scenes are how the party enters the beautiful but icy town of Swordbreak and they meet some familiar faces. Reunited again, the Black Lotus decides to have a girls night for the good old times.Both scenes are not yet testable, but please stay tuned to see them fully finished.

Action Anime Game – Iragon Update 0.95.23

Welcome back to another Iragon changelog. In this week’s update, tensions rise as Jenna and Darick have a heartfelt conversation by the campfire. Jenna reveals a mysterious map that will lead her to the gates, while Brianna expresses her concerns about her friend’s dangerous quest.

Monthly Update – April

Hello and welcome to new monthly update.
Here we’ll talk about some topics and I’ll show footage of the thing I’m talking about where possible.
The topics that we’ll cover are…
– What we did in the month of April.
– What we have planned for the month of May.
– A roadmap of how far we are currently with some of the main aspects of the game.
– And lastly the sexual content of the game