Monthly Update – April

Hello and welcome to new monthly update.
Here we’ll talk about some topics and I’ll show footage of the thing I’m talking about where possible.
The topics that we’ll cover are…
– What we did in the month of April.
– What we have planned for the month of May.
– A roadmap of how far we are currently with some of the main aspects of the game.
– And lastly the sexual content of the game

Anime Dating Sim – Iragon Update 0.95.16

Welcome back to another Iragon changelog. This week Erika, Darick, and Brianna face the dark elf leader Alathra in a final battle. Find out about Erika’s past and how the battle unfolds by testing this scene in the Experimental Hall. There you will find a portal called “Erika Boss Intro Scene” where you can test in both TP and VR. We hope you enjoy.